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Make your garden look beautiful

A green, healthy garden serves as a stunning complement to any home. If you want to have a garden that's thriving with life, you need quality garden supplies. At Coombie Garden Design in Lochmaben, Lockerbie, we stock everything you need to create a garden that will make you proud throughout the year.

At Coombie Garden Design, our team prides itself on customer service. If there's anything you need from us, talk to us! Our team is always on hand to answer your questions and provide you with exceptional garden supplies as well as services. You can contact us for efficient gardening services.

Friendly team at your services

Our garden supplies include:

  • Trees & Shrubs

  • Seasonal bedding plants

  • Mulch & bark

  • Hanging baskets & planters

  • Natural stone

  • Decorative stones and water garden accessories

  • Screened topsoil

  • Compost and bagged manure

  • Grass seed, fertilizer and weed control solutions

turf laying

For all your garden supplies from compost to mature shrubs call Stewart on 

07740 587 623 

01387 810 842